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Top 6 Movies/TV Shows to Watch on a Cold Fall Day

By: Ally Parent

1) The Harry Potter Series

This classic book to movie adaptation is the perfect fall movie marathon to watch curled up the couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Everyone loves a well done book adaption and no one does it better than Harry Potter. Buckle in to watch the stories you’ve loved reading so much become your favourite movie series! The magical themes and relatable characters makes it a perfect fall movie binge night with your loved ones and friends! This comforting series is the basis for many people’s childhoods so dive in and take a trip down memory lane in the magical world of Harry Potter.

2) Dead Poets Society

Now this 80’s classic is the one to watch on a chilly fall day with its intricate plot and compelling characters who you instantly root for. Dead Poets Society perfectly describes what it’s like learning the hardships of life at a young age, and that one person can make a world of a difference no matter how insignificant it seems. While this movie can stir up emotions and make you reach for the Kleenex box, this is the perfect coming of age movie to watch in the fall season. Every movie night has a mandatory sad movie that you love regardless, so make Dead Poets Society your next go to fall sad movie.

3) Twilight

Where the hell have you been Loca? And why aren’t you watching Twilight? Forks, Washington is arguably one of the coziest, most picturesque places to be, especially in fall, why not take a quick visit while watching Twilight? Why not combine a teen love story with sparkly vampires? So when in doubt go back to this iconic early 2000’s supernatural romance! This vampire love story is the one of the best fall feel good movies with its adorable troupes and supernatural themes, so dive into scenic Forks and follow Bella and Edward on their epic star-crossed lovers romance.

4) The Princess Bride

Now I don’t know about you, but nothing brings me back to my childhood more than this fairytale-esc themed movie with its whimsical storytelling and loveable characters. It really is the movie to watch. Something about a good fairytale themed movie just screams FALL! The Princess Bride has got all the goods. Great plot? Check! Amazing love story? Check! Cool action scenes? Check! Check! Check! When in doubt go with a classic! So if you’re ever in need of a good 80’s movie to watch, then the Princess Bride should be your go to.

5) Gilmore Girls

Now I think everyone can unanimously agree that the fall season is Gilmore Girls season. Gilmore Girls is the best feel good show ever that hits all the best tropes. Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned mother-daughter bonding with some teen drama thrown in? So turn on your Netflix and settle in with a blanket to watch the lives of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore in their quaint little town Stars Hollow that is the perfect fall TV show binge. What screams coming of age, corny teenage love and fall vibes more than Gilmore Girls?

6) Stuck in Love

Stuck in Love is one of the best romcoms ever; multiple ships, amazing writing, and great casting is what makes this movie one of the best fall movie choices. This feel good movie screams fall to me with a writer themed plot and family-oriented characters. You can’t go wrong with a good romcom and this one will hit you right in your feels. So follow along with the Borgens family and watch how they continually fall in and out of love over and over, and how they try to stay together as a family through it all.


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