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New Wave is a Ryerson-based feminist magazine that publishes twice a year and regularly online. We publish a range of mediums including creative writing, poetry, reporting, photography, visual arts and more. 


Our content is centred around feminist ideals, meaning we accept pitches and ideas relating to a wide range of topics (because every issue is a feminist issue). If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved with, visit our contribute page to learn more.


We have gone through a few different names, teams and visions. We are constantly learning, and always looking for ways to improve. Have a suggestion or want to get in contact? Email us at newwavezine@gmail.com. 

New Wave Magazine is fully funded by Ryerson Communication and Design Society.


As the new editors, we thought a lot about creating our name, New Wave Magazine. We wanted to signify a change for the better. Without sounding too bureaucratic, that meant working toward more diverse content, both in creators and subject, and building connections with the marginalized communities we work with and write about.


As an updated magazine with a new vision, we think it’s really important to encourage content that both expresses creativity and comes from all kinds of communities with all kinds of messages and meanings.

, head of copy and heads We felt a responsibility to publish the content that has been sitting in computer files since last year, with very real writers and creators waiting patiently to see their work in print. We need to thank the countless people who contributed to this magazine: our writers, artists, photographers, copy editors, fact-checkers, and dedication — and thank you for choosing to share your work with the world through New Wave.

Coming into this role, we were in a sort of unique position — we had to hold the magazine we were now in charge of accountable for mistakes from when we didn’t have creative control. What that meant was understanding what had happened and which communities were affected, and then rebuilding our magazine and leadership to do better. We know we still have a lot of work to do to create a diverse and inclusive publication, especially considering our magazine's legacy of being originally named after known eugenicist Nellie McClung.director, graphic designers, art 
of fact-checking, transcribers and illustrators. Your efforts are apparent in the content that fills the pages of this magazine. Thank you for your hard work, patience directors equity


With the help of all of these amazing people, we were able to publish the first issue of New Wave Magazine. With this note, we want to signify that from here onwards, we're devoted to the mission our magazine name implies. We'll be spending the next few months working on that, and through that process, we welcome criticism, advice, thoughts, concerns and contributions! Reach out to us at newwavezine@gmail.com and we'd love to engage.

Thanks for reading,

Yusra & Julia

Editors-in-Chief (2017-2019)



Managing Editor (2017-2019)

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