We can't wait to work with you. 

Whether you're a journalist, photographer, writer or artist, we want to feature your work. We are a Ryerson-based publication, but we also work with non-Ryerson students. We are dedicated to writing about any and all issues related to feminism (which, it turns out, is every issue). Check our social media pages for updates on when we are looking for pitches for our fall and winter print publications. We are always open to pitches for our website. Please note that we work on a volunteer basis.

General inquiries: newwavezine@gmail.com

Features: newwavemageditor@gmail.com

Creative & photos: newwavemagcreative@gmail.com

If you’re pitching a feature/news story, please include the following details in your pitch:

1. Who you’ll be talking to
2. Why you’re the right person to write this story
3. Why this story is important to tell

Creative pieces include personal essays, poems, photo essays, etc. If you're unsure where your piece falls, feel free to send us an email at newwavezine@gmail.com.


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