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Deconstructing Gender Binaries: The Power of Femininity

Photos and words by Amber Dror

Growing up, we learn about two gender constructs: male and female. While sex is a biological concept, gender roles are something that was created by us. They consist of groups of adjectives that we believe correspond to different sexes. While the concept of gender can help us self-identify, it must be understood that gender isn’t binary, it is an extensive range of identities. But if gender is a human-designed construct, how come some of us fit the constructs and some of us don’t? Unfortunately, it seems as if women are required to exhibit socially constructed femininity in order to be perceived as feminine.

The concept of femininity is empowering. From the suffragettes to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, femininity has always represented an aspiration to question norms and fight for human rights. Femininity doesn’t mean having to choose nurturance over taking charge and empathy instead of self-sufficiency. Femininity is about the opportunity to decide who you want to be. Femininity is power. This photo series explores the concept of femininity and its associated strength and how to define what it means to be feminine.


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