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Freezing Is so Last Season: A ‘winter Fashion Lookbook’ to Combat the Chillest Time of Year

Being warm has never looked so ‘COOL’

Words and Photo by Sarah Bauly

When the bitter cold & snowy weather falls back into the forecast, the dreaded heavy coats and aged mittens come out of storage. Yet, whoever said we had to settle for less style during Canada’s chillest time of year?

To bid farewell to the season, we hit the streets of Toronto to scout the most fashion-forward individuals eager to hear their cold weather attire inspiration and trends do’s and don’ts.

From the sleekness of leather coats to the coziest oversized earmuffs, we got you covered–literally!

Second-year journalism student Semi Wonster was spotted outside Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)’s Student Learning Centre sporting a cozy fleece sweatsuit, perfect for those winter midterm study sessions.

Wonster shows us that a simple outfit can be easily enhanced and brought to new heights by adding a bit of bling.

Wonster draws on her fashion inspiration from YouTuber Koleen Diaz and has a major love for all things jewellery.

 “I love jewellery and accessories because it can make a simple or lazy outfit look more put together,” says Wonster.

In discussing winter fashion trends, Wonster shared that her favourite one is a big oversized scarf that can act as a balaclava. While her least favourite was the controversial and widely debated “cuffed pants."

"It's not necessarily a winter trend but I do not like cuffed pants…. it could be cargo pants or sweatpants - if it’s cuffed I do not appreciate it,” Wonster emphasized.

Strolling down Gould Street, we stumbled upon journalism student Sara Belas who was dressed to impress for a date at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Belas truly brought ‘green goodness’ to our winter blues with this bright, fun and thrifted fit. Her inspiration stems from her mother and grandmother with most of her wardrobe coming straight from their closets.

Belas explains that she centres her outfits around a specific statement piece and colour.

“Today I gravitated towards the colour scheme for the outfit more and wanted to do something that would complement the green tights I was wearing,” says Belas.

Contrary to Wonster, Belas is not a fan of the wintry trend balaclavas but favours the beloved 80s classic leg warmers and insists her staple accessory this winter is a pair of gloves.

While en route for our afternoon coffee break at Balzac’s, we met with TMU’s architecture student Melina Elefteriadis.

Dressed in her mother’s  Danier vintage suede sherpa coat, oversized black earmuffs and knee-high boots Elefteriadis brings an elegant and sleek side to mid-late 90s and early 2000s fashion.

“While Y2K fashion is super trendy right now I definitely gravitate towards less flashy and more subdued colour palettes and natural textures,” says Elefteriadis.

Her inspiration is drawn from various shows and movies of that era, especially the iconic & Carrie Bradshaw-approved Sex in the City.

Elefteriadis voiced that long denim skirts have captured her attention this snowy season. 

“It’s such a good way to make winter outfits more interesting while also staying warm… they are visible under a big coat so you can still show off part of your outfit,” says Elefteriadis.

In terms of fashion “don’ts”, brightly coloured moon boots are at the top of Elefteriadi's least favourite list as she says they tend to go out of style quickly.

Grabbing a quick caffeinated treat with friend Elefteriadi, architecture student Alexia Mere also caught up with us to share her fashion favourites.

Mere gives us major “BRATZ” doll energy in the best way possible with her styling racer jacket and Y2K-aesthetic sunnies.

Mere’s fashion icon consists of Swedish model Elsa Hosk who she believes effortlessly and tastefully includes statement pieces into her looks.

Deep into our discussion of fashion trends, Mere shared her love for fur accessories and jackets while surprising us with her least favourite trend.

“Don’t hate me but platform mini uggs,” says Mere.

We could never hate you, Alexia! Ugg lovers everywhere close your eyes.

On a shockingly sunshine-filled walk through Kerr Hall’s Quad,  journalism student Isabella Soares Felippe spoke with us about her clothing insights.

Modelling her favourite oversized grey trench coat and keeping her fashion icon Sofia Richie Grainge in mind, Soares Felippe perfectly fuses business and casual attire.

“I wore a black gym jumpsuit underneath my grey coat, and despite these two clothing items being entirely different in terms of style, they do complement each other…I learned that through Selling Sunset,” jokes Soares Felippe.

She shares that a nice-looking coat is a must-have essential this season and that she will occasionally up her accessory game by adding a Parisian beret into the mix.  Magnifique!

Third-year journalism student Yanika Saluja poses in a classic black blazer, white mini skirt and chilly day must-have sheer tights.

Saluja shares that her goal for this outfit was to achieve a chic and professional look with her style icon being her younger cousin who is currently pursuing fashion.

“She sends me her designs daily so I look at those and get inspired by them,” says Saluja.

On the topic of trendsetting, Saluja revealed that her least favourite trend she’s seen this winter is leggings being worn under denim shorts.

“Under a skirt, it looks amazing but wearing it under shorts completely ruins the look,” explains Saluja.

She ended off by letting us know she can’t leave the house without her favourite black beanie.

After hours of scouting for the best dressed on campus, there’s no question that TMU brings the heat to Canada’s bitter cold temperatures with the best outfits, accessories and style-worthy looks.

New Wave Magazine’s ‘Winter Fashion Lookbook’ is a guide and collection to inspire your next outfit for future wintry days to come.


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