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A Ruby Pearl

By: Kyana Alvarez

A pearl necklace and a white flower laying on top of pink fabrics and chiffons
Image by Ritaundmit from Pixaby

Hello you,

It's been a month since your charity saved me

And allowed me to live free.

Your sweet kindness liberates from her and bounds to him,

And I've never been happier than when I'm in the gloomy dim.

A month since she turned from a drooping tulip into a raging wildfire

A month since I've grown ever higher

Since I descended into the dark land

Since I snatched at your extended hand.

Because you told me you did not know

My story, to you I will show.

My life before was quite bland.

Idle days of drifting from petal to petal

Both untamed and on a tight leash of metal

Even while roaming planets of meadows,

I constantly felt her stifling bellows

Flexing iron fingers around my throat

And hearing her suffocating gloats.

I was no more than a flowering prize

That, despite the sun, could only shrink in size.

Her watchful eyes were iron chains enclosing my wrists

Turning my verdant skin crimson with every twist

They dragged and yanked me back to her

Not even caring if I concurred

She waterboards me with her "love"

Always drowning her "precious dove"

Then, the lush green gave way

And I fell out of the world of day

To the cool, calm world of shades

With shining emeralds and glittering jades

He offered me metal cutters

And I eagerly threw her "love" to the gutter

It clanged and echoed as I took my first true breath

In the land of dark, cool, never-ending death.

Again: free, untamed and open on a planet of meadows

But this time, I felt brilliant, luminous, alive: truly mellow

But his love, a cloud that lifts me high

Permanently sealed our lives' ties.

He then introduced me to you

And you shone and glowed when you saw us two

Glittering sweet and red like ruby rings

You named me a worthy partner for your king

My salvation and deliverance in a simple band

And it was ultimately my choice to join our hands.

I ignored you for weeks

But couldn't resist those small peeks

As I stilled and stalled my sentence,

Terrified of my ascendance.

But you called and reached for me

And turned into a desperate plea

Your voice flowed over fields and wrapped in ambrosial embrace

And finally, the shadows became my one true place.

In the dark shadows, I laughed bright

Because with him and you, everything is right.

Then her rich wrath pierced through the gloom

And she promised him certain doom

She ignored your small, unassuming state

And didn't realize you were to change my fate.

Her shackles reached and grabbed hold

And then my new life turned cold

I grabbed and clawed at the cold black ground

As she dragged me back to the bright "homebound"

I finally looked to you

And in my glittering eyes, you knew

Unfurling a hand offered to me:

"Just a piece" for my eternal glee.

You shed your soft armour

to reveal the true charmer:

A simple pearl of ruby glowed

Would determine my real home abode.

So now that we’ve set up everything

I thank you for making the Goddess of Spring.

I'll now respect your anonymity,

I owe you my love, my life, my freedom.

From your darling Persephone.


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