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“I Love You Too”

By: Emma O’Connor

“I Love You Too” is for my father who ended his life in the Spring of 2018. This sonnet is written in the Shakespearean style; iambic pentameter and rhyming structure. Some of the feelings I have felt throughout the years are reflected in this sonnet.

A very cloudy sunset over a distant city
Image by Joe from Pixaby

What could I have said to have made you stay?

“The lawn’s not cut and I don’t know how,” or

Maybe “I love you too” and not just “okay.”

Would it have helped if I had just been more?

Why would you go and leave me all alone?

Did you think of your parents or your wife?

You chose your last words; said over the phone.

How are we supposed to go on with life?

I think of you in Spring, and then in Fall.

I see you in starlight; that haunting shine.

I think as I sob at least, after all,

I have your eyes, the ones which last chose mine.

I hope where you are is all that you dreamed.

Now I know things are not what they once seemed.


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