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Photography: Eloïse Atkins

Makeup: Cameron Sancia

During these stagnate and still times in our lives, 'Kaleidoscope' offers an escape to a change of routine. With these images, the use of colour and patterns visually brings to life the idea of transforming one's self, much like the metamorphosis process of a butterfly. Displayed is the notion of an ever-growing and evolving act of breaking free from societal views and simply flying free.

This project was a creative collaboration between photographer Eloïse Atkins and makeup artist Cameron Sancia.


Milgo Awad on jewellery

Jaded London top and trouser

Ego official shoes


Justine Garner earrings

Ellie Misner corset

Embi Studio dress

Ego official shoes


Milgo Awad earrings

Senja by Maddie dress

Stylist's own heels


Justine Garner earrings

Ellie Misner corset

ASOS design trouser

Stylist's own heels


Creative Direction - Eloïse Atkins and Cameron Sancia @cameronsancia

Photography - Eloïse Atkins

Makeup - Cameron Sancia

Styling - Samela Gjozi @samel.gjozi

Model - Chantay Watson @its_chantaywatson


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