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Nobody told me

By: Aru Kaul

Nobody told me that this is how it would be

That I’d live each minute comparing you to me.

You’re stronger, they say.

You make a mistake, they look away.

“Boys will be boys” is an excuse they consider good.

Yet why does no one understand that it denies girls of their girlhood?

Nobody told me that this is how it’s done

That I’m supposed to be number two, while you're number one.

Men are rational, they say.

Men are more intelligent, they say.

Portraying men as emotionless robots can sway.

Up until they argue, “What was she wearing anyway?”

Nobody told me that this is how it works

That you are the shovel, and I am the dirt.

You mock me because you believe I am trash you can throw.

But what you don’t realize is that seeds need dirt, not shovels, to grow.


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