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“Unique” - Currently Dormant in the Herd

By: Subhanghi Anandarajah

Longing for everyone around to trace my current, like a shooting star.

For the most part, my passionate self stands by the quirky grains that fill me.

But when the herd arrives, I know I’ll have them scattered.

I wish I was more solid than the well beaming in my front yard,

Except, my rigid anxiety conceals me underneath.

Even now, I strive for “unique.”

But flourishing outside the herd petrifies my current.

Global incidents are aired without a gap:

The groundwork that advances — I probe that longer than the orbit of an accompanying star. Members beckon for the path we’ll draw up.

But if I don’t sound off for the right stance, I panic that ostracism will direct me through a friendless route.

I’ve unearthed my quirky grains as dormant— They need replenishment but the herd is arriving.

Shooting stars ride by my current.

But I will ultimately stride as “unique."


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