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Amber Dror shares a photo essay seeking to explore how women "look and feel when in a sexual environment and state of being."

Feminine Freedom. What does it mean to be feminine? Why is the female body so often hypersexualized? How does it affect an individual to inhabit such a body? These are questions I explore through my photography. How does each woman look and feel when in a sexual environment and state of being?

The way that women embody their natural sexuality in front of the camera is very personal and is exceptionally individual to the woman being photographed. How can we separate performative femininity and sexuality, which is learned through patriarchy and the oversexualization of women in the media, from the inherent sexuality present in all sexes? I love to explore this differentiation in my photographs, often through displaying the aura and energy of the model and by allowing them a space to reveal their own way of manifesting sexuality.

I find that how an individual holds themselves when they are either partly or fully nude can show how they experience sex, eroticism and sensuality. As a makeup artist as well, I design and apply all the makeup for my photoshoots. Through the colours and shapes, I try to convey what kind of sexual energy the individual has. In this series, the model has brightly coloured lines all over her eyelids through which her rebellious and confident nature can be seen. Through these photographs I hope to reveal the model’s pride in her nudity, ownership of her sexuality and connectivity with the natural landscape surrounding her.

Photo of a shirtless girl turned to the side with a leaf tattoo on her elbow
Model: Macarena Soncini.

Photo of a woman with black underwear, holding a branch across her bare chest

Photo of a naked woman sitting in the grass with her knees to her chest

Medium shot of a woman holding a branch to cover her chest


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