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Of Our Hands

Poems inspired by non-vocal fighters in the Me Too movement by JAC.

Black and white close up photo of hands reaching into a bed of flowers
All images by JAC.

We Know (I)

We are well aware

of the cycle of history

the pull of the times

their grip on our arm

but in immovable force

of endless movement

we run alongside together

our lungs our differences

in unmeasured numbers

we charge as just humanity

and with undeniable battle calls

raise the emblem of our hands

towards all that we believe

resisting the soft shackles of silence.

Close up black and white photo of hands almost clasped, with a bracelet on their left wrist

We Are Strength (II)

Of course

we are

all of us


of course

we each

have our



to which

we must




though we


the force

of our minds

of our hands


we are power

we are change

we are strong

we are strength.

Close up black and white photo of a hand reaching out to touch a window

But Still We Persist (III)

So that someday we will wake

without dressing in armour

so that we will be equal in the eyes

of these goddesses we uphold

so that our sisters, undefeated

have no more scars to compare

so that in the end, by whatever name

we are our own and will remain so

so that the stories of our hands

will write the pages of history



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